19.02.10 GreenLife starts Systemised Collection of Plastic Waste on Havelock Island
19.02.10 GreenLife sets up the Plastic Recycling Centre in Dolly Gunj Port Blair
14.09.08 Dugong 'Best Friend Club' Starts in Dwarka with Sanjay Salaiya
14.09.08 GreenLife Training to Changing Forest Officers into Marine Rangers
14.09.08 GreenLife-Dugong Preliminary Survey in the Gulf of Kutch at Gujarat



GreenLife Society was founded in 1991 to connect active people and organizations worldwide to work for a better world. It is a politically and religiously non-biased network, which strives to solve problems in a comprehensive way.

Our goals are to work on environmental and human related issues to preserve the natural balance between humans and nature. We emphasize mainly on wildlife conservation but relate our work to the local population needs on how they can manage their own natural resources and at the same time preserve their precious natural resources.

The efforts made are done solely by local people and this effort we have named GreenLife Society.

The website is designed to search through our projects with ease, details on projects or other questions such as volunteering or data can be asked directly by emailing us.



GLS is supported by The Finnish Embassy, Coral Reef Alliance and Myllykoski Corporation

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